2.4 / 5.8 GHz dualband antenna


  • Applications:
    • 2.4GHz & 5GHz WiFi system
    • Wireless public hotspot coverage
    • Support IEEE802.11n
    • Point to point, point to multipoint
  • Features:
    • High gain, good F/B ratio
    • Low profile, light weight
    • Integrated enclosure, with pigtail
    • With customer mounting plate

ELECTRICAL DATA                 


Frequency Range (MHz):          2400-2483      5150-5850MHz

Gain (dBi):                                 17 dBi             20dBi

Horizontal Beamwidth (Deg.):    22°                  11°

Vertical Beamwidth (Deg.):        22°                  11°

Front-to-back-Ratio (dB):           ≥30dB

Polarization:                               Vertical

VSWR:                                       ≤ 1.5

Nominal Impedance (Ω):            50Ω                                

Connector:                                 U. FL or user specified

Max Input Power (W):                200W

Lightning Protection:                  DC Ground  

MECHANICAL DATA                


Dimensions (mm):                      325×325×65mm


Inner Dimensions (mm):             280×280×38mm


Radome Material:                       --

Radiator Material:                       --

Weight (Kg):                               2.1Kg

Mounting Method:                      Mast

Mast Size(mm):                          Ф40Ф50mm

Operating Temperature ():     -40+70℃



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