800 MHz 16 dBi Yagi antenna



  • Applications:
    • 800MHz band
    • Point to multipoint system
    • 900MHz RFID system
    • Repeater antenna
    • Terminal antenna
  • Features:
    • Broadband, low profile
    • High quality aluminum alloy material
    • Strong adaptability of environment
    • Stretching a low loss cable
    • Compatible with vertical or horizontal polarization


ELECTRICAL DATA                 


Frequency Range:                824-896MHz

Gain:                                      16 dBi

Horizontal Beamwidth:         28°

Vertical Beamwidth:             25°

F/B Ratio :                             ≥18dB

Polarization:                          Horizontal or Vertical

VSWR:                                  ≤1.5

Nominal Impedance :           50Ω                                

Max Input Power :                100W

Lightning Protection:           DC Ground  

MECHANICAL DATA                

Dimensions :                       1510mm/59.45in

Connector:                            N-female

Reflector Material:               Aluminum Alloy

Weight:                                 0.6kg/1.32lb

Mounting Method:               Mast

Mast Size:                           Ø40-Ø50mm

Rated wind Speed:            210km/h

Operating Temperature :   -40+65℃


Packing Qty:                       10pcs/Carton

Carton Size:                        1540*425*320mm

L*W*H:                                 /60.63*16.74*12.60in

Packing Weight:                  8.2kg/18.04lb

Radiation Patterns



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