• Model ANZB150-12S
  • Rating Voltage 12V
  • Rating power 150w
  • Electric current (max) 12.5A
  • Dimension(mm) 1580mm x 808mm x 35mm


Solar Module Features

   Solar module products include high efficiency  monocrystalline  and multicrystalline solar cells modules. The power rating varies from 1W to 240W, and thus meeting the various requirements of customers.
   The module is designed in accordance with IEC61215:1993 standards manufactured with proven materials and tested to ensure the stable output power to give more than 25 years guarantee of service performance.
   For each 18 and 24 cells series strings, one bypass diode is installed to avoid the hot spot effect.
   SiN/TiO2 films deposited on the front surface by PECVD acts as anti-reflection coating and give a uniform dark blue appearance.
   Cells are laminated between a piece of high transmissivity low iron 3mm tempered glass and a sheet of TPT material by two sheets of EVA to prevent moisture penetrating into the module.
   Heavy duty anodized aluminum frame provides high wind resistance and convenient mounting access.
   A water-proof versatile junction box provides flexibility of connection.
   Each of module passes the strict appearance check and performance test which guarantee its high quality.
Rating Voltage
Rating power
Electric current (max)
 1580mm x 808mm x 35mm
Standard test condition:
AM1.5, Irradiance:1000W/m2, Temperature of the cell:25°C
Electric parameter:
Normal temperature:50°C
Temperature coefficient of short circuit:+0.4mA / °C
Temperature coefficients:-60mV/°C
Fill factor:70%
Edge grounding:<=1ohm
Face Wind Pressure:2400Pa
Insulating Voltage:>=600V
weight: 17kg/pcs

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